Mirko Fabian

Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Mirko Fabian

Multimedia Designer & Photographer


Think different, be different, design different

What drives and inspires me is the eagerness to improve my work constantly and become a better Designer and Photographer. I am very passionate about what I’m doing today, because I know what it feels like being in a dead-end-job, without noticing any growth. That’s what lead me going my own way, staying focused and disciplined. Consistency is the key to evolve and success. 


Planning • Shooting • Directing • Editing • Color Grading

CLIENT PROJECT – Automotive Montage

"McCormick Farmall D-430"

Color Correction/Grading example

CLIENT PROJECT –  Automotive Montage

"Volvo FH 430"

CLIENT PROJECT – Automotive Montage

"Little Grey Fergie"

CLIENT PROJECT –  Image video for a fast food restaurant



"Dear Chosen One ..."


"Peace is Possible"


Landscape & Nature • Auto- & Tractormotive • Wildlife

Landscape and Nature

Agriculture and Farming


Pet Portrait

People Portrait

Wanna use my photos in your own projects? Check out my free to use images on the following platforms. Free for personal and commercial use.

Graphic Design

Logo & Branding

CLIENT PROJECT – Logo & Branding

CASE STUDY – Logo & Branding

Sushi Ritual

CASE STUDY – Packaging Design

Australia Chocolate

CASE STUDY – UI Design for an app

Roman Pizza Point

CASE STUDY – Photography and Editorial

1970 Plymouth Cuda 440

Thank you for viewing my work, I hope you liked some of the projects I highlighted.
I can’t wait to share new projects. Stay tuned and have a nice day.