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Little Grey Fergie - Montage


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After we’ve been over-floated with car montages it’s time to shine for old-timer tractors on the screen

ABOUT this Tractor

It’s official nickname “Little Grey Fergie”. This is a 1950 Ferguson TEF-20. Back in the day most produced and sold small tractor that revolutionized farming by introducing the very first control hydraulics system called “The Ferguson System”. This little 28 hp tractor is still used in the woods. Besides that it’s also used for small field work at events and enters old-timer-meetings occasionally.  

What is it like to shoot a "Tractor montage" compared to "Car montage"?

Inspired by the car scene and their videos I was looking for a similar but unique approach. Tractors are different to shoot, especially old ones. No real body like cars, everything is rougher and less detailed. But to me, it’s a great opportunity to show that tractors are a fantastic hobby too. 

They even have a wider variety and uses, to create authentic scenes and images where cars would never be shown. Imagine a Ferrari in a forest. That makes shooting tractors so interesting and challenging.

In theory, they are pretty much the same. The techniques, the principles to shoot and edit. Due to the fact this format doesn’t really exist before you have to find your own style, try out different things, and develop your videos and your skills. Black & White? Sephia? Modern look? Cinematic or Casual? There are tons of ways to create a video like this. 

Mirko Fabian
Multimedia-Designer, Photographer & Oldtimer Fan