Mirko Fabian


I’m Mirko, a Multimedia-Designer and Media-Creator.

I’m a native problem solver, once my goal is set I don’t give up until I achieve it. In these more and more challenging times, we have to think of new ways, unconventional ways to solve growing problems and overcome crises. In 2020 I used the given circumstances to evolve by changing careers through the power of online learning. I’m a believer in self-education and evolving on a constant base the reach our goals, both professionally and personally. I do Whatever It Takes, to get where I am meant to be.
I am seeking opportunities that not only challenge me but let me evolve as a person while using my expertise to help businesses to grow.

"Follow your heart, no matter how great the obsticlas might be and do Whatever It Takes."

Belonging is a matter of heart

Though I grew up and live in Germany, I never really felt I belong here. I yet have to find out where I truly belong. We can’t choose where we’re born or what language becomes our native. But we can decide where to feel at home, and what language we choose as our own. Nationality isn’t determined by a piece of paper or plastic, it’s rather determined by how we feel and where our hearts belong to.