Mirko Fabian


Self-taught Multimedia-Designer and Photographer. Switching careers in summer 2020, in the most insecure times. Giving up my job in IT to pursue a path I always wanted to walk on. Finding creative solutions for any kind of problem has been one of my strengths ever since. I wanted to do something with film for at least a decade and slowly I’m moving towards this dream. I’m someone who never gives up on his goals and does Whatever It Takes to achieve them. Giving up is never an option for me. 

My philosophy

I believe in generosity in both ways professionally and personally. We can not force certain things to happen or control things that are out of our reach, so it makes no sense to worry about it. We’re stressed and tense enough nowadays. Letting go of overthinking is really hard but once I realized what it’s like to be it’s one of the greatest feelings in life. It gives me so much life quality back and I can focus on the important things, being creative and growing as an individual.  

That’s why I truly believe what’s meant for every one of us, will come at the right time at the right place. 

Being different

Though I grew up and live in Germany, I never really felt I belong here. Being different and going an unusual way is nothing new for me. I yet have to find out where I truly belong. We can’t choose where we’re born or what language becomes our native. But we can decide where to feel at home, and what language we’d like to live in. Nationality isn’t determined by a piece of paper or plastic, it’s rather determined by how we feel and where our hearts belong to.