Mirko Fabian

Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Mirko Fabian

Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Mirko Fabian

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I’m a passionate and ambitious Multimedia-Designer and Photographer. I’ve always been a creative problem solver. The spirit and visionary thinking of simplifying daily tasks and saving recourses by completely digitalizing the way we interact with each other and track information fascinated me for many years.


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Professional Services

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Logo and Branding Design

Helping your business to stand out by creating a unique logo and a compelling branding design.
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Web Design

Designing a website for your business or for private use.
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Graphic Design

Most of the vehicles damage as maintenance neglect.
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Photoshoots and editing the images afterward for a natural look.
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Videoshoot and editing afterward. Including color correction and color grading for a natural or cinematic look.

Editing & Retouching

Refining your photos & videos, including spot removal, color grading, and giving them the final touch.


Automotive • Corporate • Cinematic

"McCormick Farmall D-430"​

Automotive/Tractormotive montage in a forest. Including stills and video work. Shot on iPhone. 

11th of June 2022

"Volvo FH 430"

Automotive montage of this Volvo FH 430 truck. Including stills and video work. Shot on iPhone.  

5th of June 2022

"Little Grey Fergie"

Automotive/Tractormotive montage in a forest of a 1954 Ferguson TEF. Including stills and video work. Shot on iPhone. 

16th of May 2022


Nature/Landscape • Wildlife • Automotive

"Scandinavian Freedom"

In a difficult period of time going on an adventure, leaving restrictions behind this photography resembles a new hope, full of brightness and a warm atmosphere of living a new life. Believe it or not, this photo was taken through a dirty windshield during driving. After some editing (especially tweaking the color) I came up with a more warm and autumn kind of look. 

"The Unknown

Melancholic Black & White photograph of a pier into the unknown. Shot on a hazy day at a beach. The image had almost no color at all when it came out of the camera, after very few tweaks, this is the final result. This image resembles also a part of my journey because it wasn't always clear what was coming next. 

"Keep Calm"

No matter how tough and challenging a situation might be in life, having a strong mind and being calm no matter what is key to a happy and fulfilled life.




Glanzreinigung-Nord is an honest cleaning startup in Northern Germany, providing not only cleaning service but also cleaning out service, home help, winter service and more.

The client was looking for a simplistic logo that represents their new cleaning business containing either waves or water drops. Using fewer colors and a clean, elegant look.

January 2022

"Sushi Ritual"

“Sushi Ritual” is a very traditional sushi restaurant, that celebrates the art and tradition of making the popular Japanese dish. Offering not only sushi but also a unique experience that combines tradition with modern aspects.

February 2022

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