Mirko Fabian

Create to feel right

Hi there,

I am Mirko

Multimedia Designer

I’m a passionate and ambitious Multimedia-Designer, Photographer and Filmmaking. I’ve always been a creative problem solver. The spirit and visionary thinking of simplifying daily tasks and saving recourses by completely digitalizing the way we interact with each other and track information fascinated me for many years.

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Besides doing client work like product photography, for example, I’m looking to shoot photos that have a “wow effect”, something that people not only touch but also inspire. Photography gives me the opportunity to show the world how I see and understand my environment. 


I’ve been fascinated by filmmaking since childhood, which has developed into my greatest passion. My goal for each video I’m creating is to make it look and feel “right” with the style and music to create a unique experience that enhances the subject I cover in each video. 


I chose to become a Multimedia-Designer because Graphic Design wasn’t enough for me. I was looking for something to that I can connect my passion for filmmaking. It’s more challenging to tackle multiple disciplines but I see it as an advantage to be able to combine multiple viewpoints into your work, not only through filmmaking but also through my photography. Creating a logo, a website or an image film is no big deal for me. 

Some of my creative services

Photo Editing Package

Photo editing for a natural look.
I will edit your image to not only make them look right to the eye but to make them feel right.

Video Editing Package

Refining your photos & videos, including spot removal, color grading, and giving them the final touch.

Logo Design Package

Designing a unique logo that matches your needs. Creating letterhead, and business card design for a fixed packaging price.